Today is the day when Salamanca hits its first public release, tagged 0.9.0. You can download it here.

This first release consists of the binaries for the three sets of libraries (Data Rules, Data Access and Data Activities), for the three following environments :

  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • .NET Framework 3.0
  • .NET Compact Framework 2.0

There is also (some) documentation with (some) sample code. Work on this matter is obviously still in progress, but you can find more complete sample code in the source code. Check for the Northwind  projects, that are used for our unit tests, based on the Northwind sample database. They are quite complete at this stage and are used to demonstrate what generated code could look like.

The future looks bright, and there is a lot of very interesting work to be done (most of which has already been introduced in this blog). The following list is unordered and incomplete :

  • Migration to Visual Studio 2008, and .NET Framework 3.5 compatibility.
  • Unity integration.
  • LINQ integration.
  • JSON serialization.
  • ASP .NET AJAX integration.
  • WPF integration.
  • A Domain Model designer, an Activities designer, and related code generation, the whole thing being integrated into Visual Studio : a true and real Software Factory.

If you want to hit the road with us, you are more than welcome. For the time being, Salamanca has never been so close. Olé!