I've got some news just before the holidays :

  • the Salamanca repository just got itself a new (shorter) URL : http://salamanca.codeplex.com/, thanks to the CodePlex guys. The old one (that I won't write here) remains valid.
  • as some of you probably already noticed, Salamanca got itself a logo.

Not so surprisingly, it is a train (the name Salamanca is a reference to The Salamanca, the first commercially successful locomotive built in 1812). The original design for this picture can be found on the Open Clip Art Library.

The streamline design of this engine fits well with the concepts of industrialization that are behind our vision of our Software Factory. And it is also a reference to the excellent Streamlined Object Modeling book. Though our vision of business object implementation differs somewhat from what can be found in this book, their description and analysis of 12 "collaboration patterns" for modeling real-world relationships is an invaluable resource for any person who is involved in modeling activities. As Salamanca users will inevitably be.

Early in the new year to come, you will have the opportunity to exercise your modeling skills on the first version of Salamanca, that will include a SDML graphical designer and code generation. But for now, I've got a train to catch.