Great news today : we just released Salamanca 1.0 (alpha 1) !


As promised, this release includes :

  • a SDML designer, and code generation :
    • Domain entities (.NET Framework 3.5).
    • Data mappers (based on Enterprise Library 4.1, .NET Framework 3.5).
    • SQL scripts for tables creation and stored procedures for CRUD access (SQL Server 2005, 2008).
  • Updated libraries, now targeting the .NET Framework (2.0, 3.0 and 3.5) and the .NET Compact Framework (2.0 and 3.5).
  • Complete Visual Studio 2008 integration (via an installer).

There is still a great deal of work to be done, and you should be aware of some limitations for this release :

  • Primary keys for the generated entities are Guids (uniqueidentifier on SQL Server). This cannot be changed.
  • Types for the entities attributes are limited to the following list : bool, DateTime, float, double, int, long, short, Guid and string (by default).
  • Entities can only be linked by one association at a time. This should cover the vast majority of cases though…

You are welcome to play with our brand new Software Factory and give us any feedback about it. I’ll post later about what the future holds for Salamanca.

We hope you will have a pleasant trip !